Social Mechanisms for a stronger social structure

Provide solutions that promote the redistribution of income in favor of majorities, especially the working class and their families.


To increase the number of social organizations that promote the redistribution of income in favor of the majorities, through the democratic route, within any economic system.


Democracy - Democracy as a way of life is to recognize that one has to live and coexist in a plural world and full of diversity of ideology, preferences, creeds, forms of organization, etc., accepting that all knowledge, ideology, current of thought , Can be subject to public scrutiny and scientific method, for its improvement over time. Reducing democracy only as a form of government is to deprive us of the opportunity to live it, and to demand from our leaders the right to participate and exercise our sovereignty, not only to direct and participate in government actions, but also in Democracy, Build social institutions and organizations that foster this precious value, which should be one of the pillars on which social coexistence and peace rest.

Solidarity - exercised through a collective conscience that builds strong social organizations, in support of the same society.

Cooperation - we can all contribute to reduce inequality, by strengthening and promoting social organizations that have as common goal community development and re-distribution of wealth.