"Made in BCS"
The concentration of the wealth is consequence of no organization of the civil society to create mechanisms who help to redistribute the income.

This concentration generates socials problems with the risk of social balance and healthy coexistence.

The promotion of the financial culture is one of the actions to allow to have basis for decision-making.

Because the above this web page is designed to promote financial culture focused on the economy of the working class so they can create companies administered by the same workers for benefit for their heritage and ther family.

The savings and loans funds managed by workers have been in Mexico since the last century organized whit several legal forms and sometimes in illeagle organizations, some of themvhave envolved and have been transformed.

To know the way of operation, the computer tools to manage them and legal framework for its constitution implementation, organization and administration that can generate new companies for promotions of savings.

Providing knowledge to create savings and loans funds help to redistribute the income to benefit of families and workers themselves.

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